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Date: Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Time: 10:10 PM
Title: & Guess Who's Back?

& Guess what ?
ABu's back here for more updates..
It's been so long since I updated this dusty blog of mine.
But I think its finally time for me to update.
AT first I thought of closing this blog down but it has just too many memories for me to delete this blog away.
Well, so how's life for me ?
Doing good. Now studying at ite tampines taking higher nitec in information technology.
New besties Devi & Ika are loved.
Workplace still the same at ivic.
I do miss my past so much.
How I wish I can turn back time sometimes...
Well, i seriously do not know what to update as its been so long I never type or posts here.
Need to get the hang of it back.
I think this will be all for now.
Next week will be my exam week.
All the best to me aites.
Okieee toodles.
Thanks for reading readers.
Thats my latest quote for the day!

Date: Sunday, December 26, 2010
Time: 11:52 AM

& I miss them all so much
Not forgetting ..

Date: Friday, July 30, 2010
Time: 10:06 PM
Title: & Im still alive.

& Im finally back for more updates.
Its been more than a month since I update this dusty blog of mine.
Guess why Im so busy ?
Im busy with school, Ndp Training, Yog and soon F1 Traning.
Been so busy that I did not update my blog.
Btw ndp is going to end soon.
Just 2 mre trainings.
Sad or what .
Gonna miss all the people and fun we had every week.
Ouh yeah.
I just came back from class chalet.
Glad to see all my ite bedok friends again.
Even surprise appearances by Fiq, Heidi , zura and even Muhsin Came.
Glad to see all my friends again.
I miss my past.
WHy must time past so fast .
Gonna spend some great time at ndp these last 2 weeks.
I have lots of pics to update here.
But the problem is Im so lazy to do it.
Will update again soon.
Pay when will you come in ?
Tmr I Hope ?

Date: Tuesday, June 15, 2010
Time: 3:16 PM
Title: & Too busy to update !!

Scape Flashmob Pictures

Ndp Motivator 2010 Training pictures

Out with Kak Khaty

These are some of the pictures of the happenings my my life this past few weeks.
I have not only been busy working.
I am so busy with Ndp Training and Scape FLASHMOB training.
That is the reason why for my lack of update.
More outings and events coming up.
The Main biggest Flashmob event is this coming sunday.
Ite tamp class bbq coming up on 21 june.
Ite bedok class outing to go eat seafood most probably 26 june I think .
Going Johor to pak ngah house with family end of the month.
Lots of things coming up.
Also with work, I don't even have enough time to rest at home and update this dusty blog of mine.
Maybe I should just close this blog down.
Maybe, Just maybe.
I will update again soon if I have the time.
That's all for now.
Motivators oii!! Oii!!!!